Layers Sale!

>> May 14, 2010

I recently had a Layers Stylist contact me to see if I was interested in buying any clothes she had on sale. I thought to myself why not share with everyone else! Heather has so generously sent me the catalog and let me know that everything is on sale EXCEPT the Basics (tees, cami's, etc) which are located at the end of the catalog.

Layers is a great place to find modest yet trendy clothes that are well priced. Just last November, their warehouse caught on fire so their site has been down. They are getting ready to launch their summer line on their website soon so keep checking the Layers website. Thanks to Heather, we can look at the Fall/Winter  line that was only available to see on the Layers site for a short time. Some of these styles I have never seen before so it was a treat to get a peek!

Tabitha and Emilee $18

Please take a look at the Layers Fall/Winter Catalog. All shirts are $18 and all dresses are $28. To make it easier for everyone the following items are SOLD OUT:

Classic Cardinal: L
Classic Sugar Plum: S, M, L
Cleo Cinnaberry: XS, S
Cleo Coal: XS
Danielle Black: XS
Danielle Charcoal: XS, S, M
Danielle Rosy Taupe: XS, S
Meagan: White XS
Monica Atlantic: XS, S, M
Natalie Spiced Apple: S
Priscilla Raspberry: XS, S
NO SCARVES, EMILEE (I have one in a green medium) OR TABITHA AVAILABLE

Also, Heather has some styles available from the Summer 2009 line so if you are interested in seeing some of those items, please contact her!

Dahilia $20

Please contact Heather at to order your clothes!



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