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>> Aug 11, 2010

The other day I had a reader comment that she is trying to branch out and be more bold when she buys accessories. However, where in the world do you store all the headbands, rings, and necklaces you buy? Here are a few tips on how to store them. Click the links to see the instructions!

Headband Holder

-Empty a 42 oz. can of oatmeal or country time lemonade. Save the lid.
-Choose scrapbook paper to match the decor of your room.
-Measure and cut the paper to be 9 1/2 inches on one side. This is the height of the oatmeal can.
-Use a paintbrush or sponge brush to cover one side of the oatmeal can in mod podge glue. Apply the glue to the can rather than to the paper. Press the paper onto the can, ensuring the paper is wrinkle-free and even with the can. Once the first sheet is applied, spread the glue on the opposite side of the can. The paper will overlap.
-Once both pieces of paper are glued to the can, you can apply a bit of mod podge to the overlap seams to prevent them from detaching while holder is in use.
-You can use leftover paper to cover the lid of the can. Cut a circle to fit the lid's circumference. You can also add a small border of matching ribbon around the edge. Even without the headbands, the holder looks cute!
-When the glue has dried, stack your headbands around the can. If you have an abundance of headbands, you can leave the lid off and set the additional headbands inside, letting the ends cascade off the side.
(Courtesy of eHow)

Earring Holder

-Trim your wire mesh with wire cutters to fit inside your recycled frame.
-Trim your foam to the exact internal measurements of your frame. You can use the cardboard that often comes with a frame. Available at any craft store.
-If you don't like the color of your frame, then spray paint your frame in the color of your choice. I chose a Rosewood tint by Rustoleum. You can also spray paint your wire mesh for a cohesive look, if you don't like the rustic quality of the metal. I also spray painted the little hooks I used to screw into my frame for additional jewelry display so it would all be the same color.
-While your spray paint dries, staple your fabric to your foam.
-Once your paint is dry, use your hot glue to secure your wire mesh to the inside of your frame.
-Use more hot glue to secure your fabric covered foam to the backside of your picture frame.
-(optional) If you're using a wooden frame, you can screw your hooks into the frame for added display.
-Display earrings on mesh, and hang necklaces from hooks.
(Courtesy of eHow)


(Courtesy of Kevin and Amanda)


(Courtesy of 24 Seven)

Jewelry Holder

-First, buy a muffin tin or use one you already have. There are beautiful porcelain muffin pans that are painted with lovely designs already! But if you buy a plain, grey pan you can personalize it! These can be purchased at the supermarket, Bed, Bath and Beyond or even the Dollar Store.
-To make sure the paint will cover the pan evenly, first paint the pan with a primer. It's not entirely necessary to paint the bottom of the pan, but you can if you'd prefer. Wait a couple of hours for the primer to dry. Then choose your favorite color.
-After the paint has dried, the fun begins! Decide on a design. You can use a stencil to paint on your initials or use mini sponges to sponge paint the entire pan for an artistic look.
-Once you have finished, place your jewelry in the pan! It's perfect for chunky costume jewelry, pins and earrings!
(Courtesy of eHow)

Here are a few other options if you would rather go out and buy something:

Coat Rack

Tie Hanger

Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer


Emily S. August 11, 2010 at 10:10 AM  

Another really easy and cheap way to store longer necklaces.... buy a tie rack that you can mount on the wall. I have one in my closet - it holds everything, nothing gets tangled, and it's easy to pair jewelry up with clothing!

Anonymous August 11, 2010 at 11:52 PM  

Best headband holder ever. i have lots and can out sometimes 2 or 3 in each hole if they are skinny minis

Jenna August 12, 2010 at 12:18 AM  

thanks for the tip!

June August 15, 2010 at 10:33 PM  

I LOVE the muffin tin idea!!!

Cary Estes September 9, 2010 at 3:35 PM  

I bought the headband holder from ikea after seeing the post here, it was not a good fit for me. The headbands slid around and the hook broke! :(

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