How to dress 10 lbs lighter

>> Jan 24, 2011

1. Streamline with Color: Bright, oversize prints aren't always becoming. Smartly placed inserts, on the other hand, help carve out an hourglass shape.

                                                    Before:                                           After:

2. Perfected Pants: To enlongate a voluptuous figure, opt for neutral trousers with a lot of stretch.

                                              Before:                                                     After: 

3. Choose a structured dress: Don't try to hide a tummy under a tent. A sheath thats bright on top and dark on the bottom slims the hips and the stomach while enhancing a smaller chest.

                                 Before:                                                                             After:

Extra Wardrobe Tips:

-Invest in shapewear and get a bra fitting every couple of years.
-Don't buy oversize clothing. It just points out what you are trying to hid.
-Everything you buy should contain a little stretch. This will avoid pulling and pinching and create a more custom fit.
-Darker colors disguise, lighter colors highlight.
-Look for a band of color at the waist of a dress. This divides the body in a complimentary way for every figure.
-Match the color of your shoes to your pants to elongate your body.
-Thicker-heeled shoes balance wider feet and look more flattering then stilettos.



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