Chic and modest Valentine’s Day date outfits

>> Feb 1, 2011

I am always looking for guest bloggers and was thrilled when Haley with Cardigan Junkie contacted me to be one! She is a newlywed living in Dallas and works in Marketing. She loves decorating and clothes, and always manage to find a good sale. She also has 18 cardigans! Haley has great style whether its for the home or your wardrobe. Check out her great guide to Valentine's Day outfits:

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, it’s still a great excuse to dress up and spend time with the ones we love (and get flowers). Whether you’re attending a singles party or a romantic dinner, here are some great outfit options that keep modesty in mind but don’t look matronly or outdated.


Despite what the style gurus say, I think there are definitely evenings where you’d stick out like a sore thumb in a dress. If your plans are of the casual variety, a slim cropped pant and an Audrey-esque striped top look classic and are flattering on most frames. If you’re not up for horizontal stripes, swap them for a solid color. Then, add a dash of pink with a fun scarf and either ballet flats or heels.

Pants: LOFT, Top: Banana Republic, Scarf: Banana Republic, Heels: Target

Girly and Romantic

If your style is girly and the occasion a bit dressier, I think this plum ruffled dress is a great option. It’s not terribly low cut and has nice wide straps. If you’d like more coverage, a pink cardigan fits in with the color palette and will keep you warm since it is February, after all! Add some neutral pewter flats and a fun bag and jewelry and you’re ready to go. I like that this ensemble doesn’t look like you’re making style sacrifices to cover up, which can be the case when women try to add layers underneath a dress that’s meant to be worn alone or add cardigans that are too casual over a fancier dress.

Dress: Gap, Cardigan: Old Navy, Flats: Target, Ring: Forever 21, Purse: Banana Republic

Out on the Town

If you’ve got big plans this Valentine’s Day and need a hot outfit, here are some sexy, but still modest looks that won’t look out of place in a sea of strappy dresses. The first option embraces a sixties-style silhouette with ¾ sleeves and a boat neck. I love this style since it covers the arms without adding another layer or looking like it’s meant for someone much older. Add some pink heels to make the outfit more interesting. The second option is a bit edgier, and while the dress isn’t overly strappy or low cut, it can be enhanced with a cropped tuxedo jacket and sexy heels. The third option is the tamest of the three, with a pink dress in a silhouette that’s slightly girly and vintage. To make yourself stand out, add unique, colorful heels.

Dress: Modcloth, Heels: Nine West

Dress: Fossil, Jacket: Asos, Heels: Nine West

Dress: Banana Republic, Heels: Nine West



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