>> Feb 4, 2011

I recently received an email with some clothes, shoes, etc. for sale at a discount. I wanted to share all the fun stuff with you too! If you find something you like, just click the invitation I link to and join! A lot of these items go fast so if you see something you like, get it!

Ruffle Me by Sweetpea Baby  

 Ruffle Me Scarf - Women
original $24.00


Pink Daffodil Large Satchel
original $109.00

White April Tote
original $109.00

Black Moana Tote
original $109.00

Mustard Joy Large Clutch
original $69.00

For any of the items listed above click HERE

Beyond Rings

Hammered Silver Long Finger Ring

Burnished Gold Swallow and Nest Two Finger Ring

Burnished Gold Feather Ring

Pop Art Ring

Horizontal Knit Buckle Boots$40.00

Traditional Toggle Boot


Buckle Back Boot

Cable Toggle EVA Boot

For any of the items listed above click HERE



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