Halloween Costume Review

>> Sep 9, 2011

I was offered a really fun and exciting opportunity to review not only clothes, but a Halloween costume! How fun is that!? I spent quite a bit of time looking through the selection at Costume Discounters and decided I wanted to pick something my style and cute but it had to be modest, or least I would have to tweak it a little to make it modest. WOW did they have a huge selection to choose from. I went over to Women's Halloween Costumes on the site and checked out the Roman costumes because those are always cute! After much thought I picked the Roman Empress Costume!
I was really excited when the costume arrived because I knew it would be a costume I could wear for Halloweens to come. The costume arrived promptly and was packaged nicely.
To make the costume more modest for my comfort I added a white cap sleeve tee underneath and pinned the sides of the bottom of the outfit since they went up to mid thigh. I ordered a size small and the size fit just perfect! The length was just right and I am 5'4. The bad part is the costume does not come with accessories so I added my own gold earrings, chunky necklace and wrapped a skinner gold necklace around my arm.

The top and bottom of the costume have a gold pattern and the red velvet sash has a sewn on embellishment on the sides. The top is a tank-cut.

There is even a sash holder on the side so you don't have to hold it all night! You can wear this outfit barefoot, with sandals, or even with heels. The costume is long enough that the heels would be covered and not look funny. I especially like the giving material the costume is made out of. There is a zipper in the back  allowing easy access taking it on and off.

I would definitely recommend this Roman Empress Costume to anyone looking for a fun costume this year. You can even add a gold crown! The price is reasonable for the type of costume it is.  I can't wait to wear it for Halloween! Hopefully you head on over and pick out a Halloween costume of your own!


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