Skinny Jeans

>> Sep 10, 2010

Skinny Jeans have been the new fashion trend for quite a while. The question is, what do you wear them with?

For shoes, the best option is to pair skinny jeans with slouchy boots, stiletto heels, or just a pair of the season's ankle-length booties. Any heels will lengthen the legs, and the skinny-legs look works well by adding height.

For tops, the best option is to wear skinny jeans with a voluminous top that doesn't sit at the waist. The season's babydoll-style tops, tunic lengths, and flowy blouses are perfect for this look since they usually extend down to mid-thigh. Skinny jeans should not be paired with midriff-baring shirts or any type of shirt that requires tucking in. Tucking a top into high-waisted and skinny jean combos will make it difficult to create an attractive silhouette. Balance is key, so you need to find the opposite (i.e. loose) top to make this look work.

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